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PHC is your local eco-friendly cleaning team.

Property and Home Cleaners – Ecotech Tools and Steam Technology

At Property and Home Cleaners, we only use eco-friendly New Zealand-made cleaning products for our residential and commercial cleaning and sanitation services. Property, home and business owners choose PHC, because we offer non-toxic cleaning services that are better for people and the planet.

In addition to eco-friendly cleaning products, PHC clients benefit from our advanced steam technology that sanitises surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. Steam technology is the preferred choice for creating allergen-free environments, because it eradicates bacteria, mould, mildew, fungus spores and other microscopic organisms with high heat. Our technology harnesses nature’s most powerful disinfectant Рsteam.

PHC’s fast-acting eco-friendly steam technology is ideal for:
      1. Sanitising commercial kitchens
      2. Eradicating bed bugs, including eggs
      3. Eliminating dust mites and allergens
      4. Deep cleaning of homes and commercial properties

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